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Our Window Displays

Having had almost 30  years experience in decorating displays of large children's clothing and boulangerie shop chains in mainland Europe as well as in designing wedding and christening decorations we strongly feel that a window display has so much to offer to a shopping experience. It is a focal point of beauty and inspiration not only for our customers but also for ourselves. Every season and event should be celebrated and constantly changing our window display motivates us to come up with new and exciting ideas and combinations to display our products!

We have changed the main theme of our display ten times in our first 7 months of business in support of seasonal celebrations such as Easter & Christmas as well as supporting the community spirit in Bakewell and surrounding areas by decorating specifically for events such as Bakewell in Bloom, The Bakewell Baking festival and the Dodson & Horrell and Chatsworth International Horse Trials! Window displays are an exquisit way to portray the products in relation to different colour schemes and environments that help everyone picture them in their own home so they are prettyinventive and practical at the same time! 

We always hope that our efforts are being appreciated so if you are in Bakewell pop in, have a look at our display and let us know what you think!

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