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Our Friends


Here at Birdsong we value everything hand-made and the effort that people put into making things in a beautiful and timeless way. The artists whose work we the the priviledge of hosting in our shop are fantastic people and this page is dedicated to sharing some of their stories. We will be updating them periodically so check back for some fascinating bios! 


Angelina was born in Athens in 1947. 


Driven by her artistic talent and love for art and fashion, she chose to study Haute Couture in Paris at the Guerre-Lavigne Ecole. During the years 1968-1969 Angelina was trained in Christian Dior's couture salon in Paris and continued her career as a fashion designer in Sam Freelander's fashion house based in New York. 


From 1972 onwards she took up along with her two sisters the fashion family business established by their father back in 1957. During the last 10 years Angelina has developed a great love and talent for porcelain drawing. Since design has always been her passion, she decided to take her talent to a further level and create beautiful drawings on porcelain, making unique pieces of art. Angelina got trained on porcelain drawing in the worldwide known Meissen Porcelain headquarters in Dresden. 


We are very lucky to have known Angelina and her family for many years and are very proud to have her unique work in our shop. All items are genuinely pieces of art and since they are entirely hand-made with fantastic materials such as Liberty Fabrics, each one of them really are one of a kind!

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