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Our Products

Having had a few years of experience in the arts, crafts, decorations, gifts and interiors it is safe to say that we have developed a good eye for combining quality, aesthetics and functionality. This is a set of qualities along with great customer service that all of our customers have highlighted throughout our very first year as a shop. We always appreciate things locally made and we are of course part of the Totally Locally Bakewell campaign so the vast majority of our products are made by fantastic craftsmen and craftswomen in Britain. We of course have some imported items and we collaborate with extremely carefuly selected suppliers to bring you unique handmade items from around Europe such as our small collections of Hungarian Papers, German Woodwork, French Pottery and Greek jewellery. In each of these cases, no matter where the items are made we make sure that we do our best to bring the best to our customers. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our products.

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