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Bespoke Wreaths & Decorative Boxes


There are very few things that are so steeped in history and intertwined with culture than wreaths in Britain. From advent wreaths during the festive season, to harvest wreaths in the autumn to May Day wreaths in spring, they give joy and meaning to any celebration. They make wonderful gifts whether they are given as house warming presents or as season changing decorations on the front door, above the fireplace or in the workplace. Here at Birdsong you can choose from a range of completely unique designs or even have a wreath created around a chosen beloved item or theme of yours surrounded by high quality artificial flowers.

For readily available designs and other portfolio pictures or to discuss commissioning a bespoke wreath please contact us!

Decorative Boxes

It has long been our firm belief that the packaging of a gift should be at least representative of the quality of the gift itself as well as the meaning that the gift represents. Traditionally used for the presentation of chocolates or other luxurious food products the decorative gift box was elevated to an art form all over Europe, with trademark national shops such as Fortnum & Mason in London, La Duree Patisserie in Paris and Laederach Chocolaterie in Zurich creating their own exclusive personalised boxes

A decorative box is an exquisite gift in itself. At Birdsong we create decorative boxes in the same way that we create our wreath decorations. Bespoke designs of boxes for any occasion and function including weddings, christenings, birthdays or even everyday uses such as jam or coffee pot holders  can be produced to encapsulate clothing, food and favours among other things. If you are interested in any of our designs and would like to discuss a specific concept please do contact us

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